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Single machine program
I bought Soundtaxi Pro and like the program, unfortunately my PC went down terminally and bit the bullet and got a new one. After 100s of ´┐ís I found the software is for exactly one PC, not one user. So if anyone has the misfortune of having to buy a new machine you''re well and truly blown. This is not made clear until after you have paid for it, unfair practice i would suggest. Like I said, the program works fine, the company could do with some customer focus i think.
Author: Julian Mutimer on Monday, October 26, 2009
Great if you don't have to reinstall
CON: If you have to reinstall because you change your system configuration (which happens a lot if you have custom home built PC) then you can not reinstall this software! I bought a copy in March 09 and now can't use it because I installed new MB and CPU and had to reinstall the OS and Apps. This is totally lame and unacceptable in this day and age of computing. The other gripe is this is one of those companies that wants to sell their stuff but don't want to deal with customers at all - be warned, shop somewhere else if you expect customer support.
Author: Don on Monday, September 14, 2009
Support Windows 7 Brilliantly
Sometime ago upgraded to Windows 7 and re-installed SoundTaxi. It works even faster with this OS and the new website's great. All best!
Author: Janet on Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Problems with Soundtaxi
I have found a similar problem with converting Audible files - the last 30 minutes of each converted book is left off. The program does not remember your place when listening on another day and you cannot fast foward to get to your place. A major problem when you are waiting for the book to end and it leaves you hanging!!
Author: Claire Rodier on Sunday, August 16, 2009
It all depends upon how lucky you are
For quite some time the software fuctioned brilliantly. Even so far as to converting up to 12 files at the same time. Then, for no apparent reason it just "gave up the ghost" and started complaining about "digital rights acquistion" and it was all downhill from there. No tangible help at all from the authors. It's all just a "shot it the dark". You pays your money and you takes your chances. Good Luck if you wanna gamble.
Author: Wells P. Martin on Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Don't listen to angry users
Sound taxi worked perfect for me, windows XP, a 3 year old $500 Acer Aspire 3620 laptop. I use it to convert downloaded Napster tunes into generic MP3s my blackberry can play (This BB is NOT Napster to go compatible). My only complaint is that it takes a whole 60 seconds or more to convert one song. Just because some individual users operating environment prevent them from enjoying this solution doesn't mean they should warn people not to use it. So Don't listen to their RANTS.
Author: J Dog on Saturday, June 27, 2009
Sound Taxi
Does anyone have a solution to the R&R Installer error box popping up after converting about 25-30 songs each time? Keep having to re-start pc to continue each time.
Author: Lan Hanson on Monday, December 29, 2008
No problem with support, but problems with new ver.
We've been pretty fortunate with SoundTaxi support. We had a few questions when we started using it on our XP machine several versions ago and we got helpful answers by email within few days. We recently replace our old XP based machine with a Vista machine and we got our new activation key in 24 hrs and downloaded the latest version. However, while the older version on the old machine worked flawlessly, conversions on the new setup have stutters and distortion. Still waiting for response from them on that.
Author: noone on Saturday, December 20, 2008
Works Fine
This program works fine for all my files from wma to mpg to mp4. I have windows Vista 64bit Ver. It works fine, just make sure you run in compatibility mode, but I was able to allow it access only 32bit binary code on my laptop. The only thing that bugs me is that when I download files, it puts them in folders along with Album art and every time it finds one it will stop converting and close the program, but besides that the program works great
Author: Steven on Wednesday, December 17, 2008
SoundTaxi Used To Work
I bought SoundTaxi a 6 months ago and it USED to work great converting .AA - WMA and Videos on my Vista 32bit computer. Then my computer crashed and I had to reinstall everything. I paid for SoundTaxi a second time as it had been working so well for me. BUT my newer version of SoundTaxi now leaves the last 35 to 45 minutes off of every .aa file!! Obviously this is something the free trial will not tell you. SoundTaxi will convert .aa files but it will not convert a complete book. No matter how short or how long the book is the last 35 to 45 minutes is left off with the latest version of SoundTaxi which I purchased on 11-1-08. So Buyer Beware!
Author: Tstgma on Sunday, December 7, 2008
Won't work on itunes 8?
I've tried and tried and it just keeps telling me I'm not authorized to play the songs, then I have to go back to itunes and reauthorize my's an endless loop. And no tech support at all.
Author: billybare on Monday, December 1, 2008
Free Trial won't help
The free trial of SoundTaxi will only convert a portion of a DRM or AA file, so for those who are experiencing issues converting the entire AA file, the trial program is not helpful. Also, if you are content with their customer support, then I tip my hat to you. If needing a new "key" due to upgrading/re-installing an OS is not bad enough, waiting an entire month for a new key is insane! You could have created a Virtual Drive (i.e. with Nero or PowerISO) and used Audible's interface to burn your books to a CD "file", mount the file and convert the CD files to wma, mp3, etc. - at no cost. Overall, I prefer Tunebite and they have adequate support and a user forum. Their current drawback is that audiobook conversions are limited to 1.8x in WinXP and 1x in Vista....
Author: John on Friday, November 21, 2008
I'm happy with it too.
The free trial worked well so I bought the full version of Sound Taxi Pro. I've had for a week now and it works great. If you're not sure about it, download the free trial!
Author: Dan on Thursday, November 13, 2008
Works perfectly fine for me
This tool works perfectly for me. Yeah, maybe it does not work for everyone and maybe the company is not very helpful in those cases. But guess what? That what the FREE TRIAL is for. If you buy something before trying it, then that's your problem. I'm happy with it.
Author: Calvin on Wednesday, November 5, 2008
New license needed if operating system is re-installed
Soundtaxi worked pretty good. I re-installed my operating system and the original key code they have me did not work anymore. They sent me a new key but it took a month before they responded to my email. I just recently upgraded to Windows Vista 32 and the 2nd key does not work anymore. I emailed the SoundTaxi support for another key (probably another month of waiting for a response). This asking for a key over and over again really sucks. I re-install my operating system occasionally to clean out old programs and to cleanup the registry.
Author: Larry on Friday, October 31, 2008

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