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BlueVoda is a Drag & Drop website builder that enables a user with little or experience to build a fantastic website in record time.


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BlueVoda is a Drag & Drop website builder that enables a user with little or no experience to build a fantastic website. No HTML or coding knowledge is required. With BlueVoda you can create everything from a simple homepage to beautiful muti-page website.

Included are pre-designed website templates, "One Click Publishing", an image library where you will be able to download hundreds of FREE logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers. BlueVoda also provides a built-in help system, a community forum as well as step by step video tutorials that will have you designing your new web site in record time. A VodaHost web hosting account is required in order for you to publish.

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    poor to non-esistant service
    Support is pathetic. Phone number is simply an answering machine. Emailsupport is both very slow and often not very helpfull. Great biulder when things work, but no real support when problems arise. Issues with Firefox... had to rebuild the whole website as a consequence. Every BV update (EG. XP to Win7) cause huge problems. Old files do not open properly, and support is non-existant. Yes, its free.... but! Other website builders have come down significantly in price.... I sugest you try one that does not obligate you to use BV webhosting.
    Author: FULVIO on Monday, July 4, 2011
    Not happy with Blue Voda support
    I was referred to BlueVoda by a friend. I did not find it user friendly. I had so many unanswered questions that could not be satisfied by emailing back and forth. Yes they have tutorials but if you don't know what you are looking for then how are you supposed to know which one to watch? There is no written manual, and you cannot speak to a live person. I was so frustrated that after four months of not getting any satisfaction turned to Webstudio. It is much more user friendly, everything is drag and drop. You can try for 30 days free. I was sold after two days, I had built my website and almost ready to publish it. Comes with a manual plus phone support. Couldn't be happier with Webstudio.
    Author: Sandy on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
    Been with BV 6 yrs, they have no customer service
    There web site editing program is good, there customer service sucks. They need to get out of "web hosting" and let a reputable company do that part who has good customer service. In forums theres a guy named Vacillie who is a total moron jerk. He gives idiotic advice, but he,s a ranked forum general who is always jumping in giving bad advice in a rude mannor. I looked his website up and it cant even be found thru a websearch for his service, you have to enter his url to find it althou he gives advice on how to rank in search engines Lol what a fool! As far as BV customer service its a joke, a total joke. Its nothing but email and they dont get back to you for 5-12-48 hrs and there first resonce is some generic "Everything looks ok to me " Duh! You have to constantly repeat your problem to them and eventually you,ll get a small clue from them as to what the problem might be. Then you tear apart a page trying to figure out the problem , email them back and after your inbox is full of riddles type answers from them and weeks later you usually have some kind of abortion fix done. If these fools knew what good customer phone service would do for their business they would rule with there awsome editing program, but I suspect they lose as much business as they get from their bad customer service. They also have so many hoops you have to jump thru, like 5 differant pass words for every section of thier customer service and editing ftp and console and email etc.. and they seem to change them on you with out telling you, so it makes it even more frustrating to work with them, besides the rude service. Stick with the editing program BV, you do not know how to run a hosting service besides being greedy money grabbers. I like the editing program, but if they were near me I would have vistited there office many times to swing some fools around by there hair.
    Author: A. Nonomous on Thursday, June 9, 2011
    I have been a satisfied customer for a couple of years
    I wonder where some people get their ideas from. I look at the negative comments, and even some racist ones! It's a shame that people who are not intelligent enough to use such a simple program, can find time to be so ignorant. Vodahost are a very reputable company, and the Bluevoda website builder is fantastic. I cannot believe that people expect to be able to use it without buying hosting, why should anyone create a product as good as this, and just give it away to the scroungers who wish to use it and then publish their website on some cheapskate fee hosting supplier? You then have people so simple in the mind, who, just because they cannot read, or understand plain English, they just tear the company apart on here. Hundreds of thousands of people can use it without difficulty, but there is always going to be some numbnuts, that has to lay the blame for his shortcomings, on someone else. I have found customer service to be second to none, and they go way beyond what you will get from some 2 bit host. You pay for quality, and when they say it is a free website builder, it is, but only for customers. Macdonalds give you free pickles, but they won't put them on your KFC, will they? WTF do these morons expect?
    Author: Martin on Wednesday, June 8, 2011
    POSITIVE... 5*s for BV!!!!
    Why are people actually moaning?????????????? I dont understand many of these bad reviews! Its free because the site you create can only be saved in their unique format which then enables you to only use the hosting they provide! - WHICH DOES COST. Its a good idea if you ask me. And from what i understand, It says no where that hosting will be free in any case!?? I designed a complex site with ease, And i fully expected to have to pay hosting fees afterwards. Luckily the fees were reasonable! Otherwise my site would of been useless. The site has been running for over two years making me $500,000+ I have no complaints! And people who say things such as: "glad i didnt fall for this one...." etc, etc, Well, you are missing out. Just look at some of the reviews. they dont actually have a bad thing to say. many infact, just moan because it isn''''''''t totally free! Well, NOTHING is totally free.
    Author: bjhg on Friday, May 20, 2011
    To be honest I spent 6 months tearing my hair out over my last website builder trying to create website. I was on the verge of hiring a professional website designer. Then I saw BV. I downloaded it right away, since it was free and just played with it for a day. It was so simple and offered all the features I needed, that I dumped the hiring a pro idea and just started to create website again on my own. Ever since then, it’s been smooth sailing. I take advantage of the customer support forum when I need to, but I can say that there is just no comparison.
    Author: Sheila Henderson on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
    amazing website builder
    I can honestly say i ve had no problems at all with blue voda website builder,i ve managed to create a few websites and find there software so easy to use,i cant believe people have problems,check these 2 sites out www.denon-avr-1911.com www.automatedonlineincome247.com,they were both made by blue voda 10/10 for me
    Author: stephen on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
    Service has gotten worse
    I downloaded the free s/w and liked the ease of use, with the web development. Problems started when I paid for the hosting, to publish my web pages. I received order confirmation, but no information on IP's DNS server info. I was able to look at my billing information, but could not log a support ticket apparently the ID and password to log a ticket is different from the one I was given for billing. I'm completely stuck, and the scary thing is they have my credit card info which will bill every month, and I have no way of cancelling the service.
    Author: Scammed on Sunday, January 30, 2011
    Blue Voda - Great if You''re not a Web Designer
    I''m not an employee or affiliate of VodaHost but I use their hosting as well as their BlueVoda web building program. For me, it''s been nothing but awesome. Of course I''m not a web designer so there may be things a designer can do that I can''t; but for me and for what I need, it works fine and extremely easy to use. As far as customer service, I''ve never had to use it. I''ve always found what I needed in their forums. Are there cons? As with everything, sure. For starters you must sign up with their hosting to publish anything you create using their program. To me, this isnt really a con; I mean, it''s about the same price anywhere for hosting, give or take. For those of you that thought BlueVoda would be free and you can use it with any hosting...duh! Nothing''s free. But I will say that I wouldve paid for BlueVoda because any other web building program that''s this easy to use cost money. I''ve read that their customer service sucks but like I said, I''ve never used it. I''ve always been able to find what I need in the forums; which this could be a con as you do have to dig a little for answers sometimes. The bottom line...well, for me it works great. I''ve created a couple sites and I''m satisfied as it''s something I could never do on my own (again, I''m not a web designer and do not know the slightest bit of HTML or any coding). I''ve never had any problems with their hosting either. I pay about $110 annually; that may be a little more than some others but it''s not substantial. My only complaint is they charge way too much for domain names ($20). Not sure why they do that; I like to have everything through one service, so this is a downfall.
    Author: flexworth on Monday, January 24, 2011
    Using Blue Voda web builder on another host sight...
    Hey John, or anybody that can help? What hosting sight do you use as your host. I am in need of a sight that can be user friendly with blue Voda web design. I tried what you said about the local folder and all the files from the design program being in it and just changing the name of the preview.html.. to index.html and it has worked for me as well. however i haven''t published it to a host yet. I just want to make sure i find/use someone that will be user friendly. Thanks for your blog...very helpful so far. Mike.
    Author: Mike on Thursday, January 20, 2011
    Blue Voda is Superb
    I was an absolute beginner 6 months ago. Now I am earning £500 every month from pay as you go clients - and expanding fast. I found the service great and the free product superlative and very VERY easy to use. It has loads of features. For example forms are within the software and easiest and most flexible I have seen anywhere. Just a gradual learning curve discovering new stuff every day. ALl very easy to pick up. LOoads of tipe and tutorials but just play with it anyway to learn. AND ITS FREE!!! Just persevere a tiny bit and the rewards are wonderful. I thoroughly enjoy using Voda and the hosting is fairly priced.
    Author: Merliniho on Tuesday, January 11, 2011
    Non-existent communication
    My site, hosted through VodaHost, went down late afternoon on Friday, January 7th. I immediately sent a support ticket to their "24/7 help desk". After hearing nothing in return, I looked through their forums to see if anyone else was experiencing any problems - they were. However, almost as soon as the concern/complaint was logged into the forums, it was deleted. Any mention of an issue or anything negative in regards to BlueVoda or VodaHost vanished, just as my and many others' sites did. The next morning when I checked my email, I had received a response to my support ticket at 2:00am. It said, in full, "Please try now." I did and my site was still down. As I was getting nothing from the "24/7 help desk" and you cannot call to speak with anyone from the company, I continued to check their forums throughout the day. There was an update from the company that the server that my site was on had been hacked. Again, it was in a forum, not a direct communication with me. Other people commented that their sites were down and were met with a snotty response that they aren't mind readers, etc. (I don't know, check your support tickets and I bet you'll know who they are.) Within minutes, however, those customer concerns were deleted. As my site was still down and I still had received no word from VodaHost and it had now been over 24-hours, you can imagine that I was a bit upset and frustrated. Yet another member of the forum (and VodaHost user) questioned why their comments and questions had been deleted, it was almost immediately deleted as well. They apparently have time to scroll through the forums and delete any mention of the MAJOR problems they are having or questions from their customers, yet they can't find time to actually communicate to them about why the service that we pay for is just gone. I disregarded all the negative reviews I had read about them because the BlueVoda website builder is excellent. Well, I guess after spending months working on a website in BlueVoda and only to find out when it was ready to go online that you MUST host through them is really what made the decision. Not worth it. They've cost me money, time, customers, readers and are damaging the image I've worked diligently to create. And, yeah, my site's still down. Beware.
    Author: Julie on Sunday, January 9, 2011
    Tried it free, but not sure wgat they are selling
    There are enough site thay I will pay $29 one time for the same type of product without the almost ecellent videos. They are out of date, good idea, but no real exmaples of puting together a site in 30 minutes. If you are a newby you''ll be scratching your head for quite a few hours. I do NOT like forums for a brand new setuo. Really takes the fun and excitement out of a new product Kino of like Social media Compass Scam, Scam, scam
    Author: Bill on Saturday, January 1, 2011
    Blue Voda
    Blue voda is a life safer if you learn how to use it. Ive been making website for few years now and when i first started using bluevoda i was kinda like this is free its not going to to the work... but after using it for few weeks i kinda felt the power of it. I recommend you using it.
    Author: Aggi on Wednesday, December 15, 2010
    Blue Voda Review
    This program is just fine. The people making complaints here are either not patient or just not computer savvy. I have used BlueVoda for 3 years and multiple websites. I have no formal web design training and have had no problems. This is a WONDERFUL PROGRAM. The domains cost more from them, but I suppose that is how the software is given out as free. If you compare BlueVoda to other website builder software programs out there; this one is free, easiest to use, and allows for the most creativity of anything I have found. Short of knowing how to code, which I do not, I would not be able to make anything any better with a different program. THIS IS A POSITIVE REVIEW!
    Author: Joe on Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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