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Remote backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.


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Mozy Remote Backup was fully tested by TopShareware Labs. It does not contain any kind of malware, adware and viruses.
Mozy is a secure, automatic remote backup service for any PC in any home or office. It's simple to install and configure. No external hard drive, expensive subscription services, CD or DVD's to burn. All you need is a broadband connection and you are ready to go!

* Free 2GB: no setup fee or payments (Get more through our referral program!)
* Automatic: start in seconds, then relax
* Secure: data is private and encrypted

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    Gave it up
    I have Idrive which is working fine but Idrive has a 150GB cap on accounts at this time. I downloaded Mozy and was very surprised at how slow the backup was going. It was only a third as fast as Idrive to after five hours I cancelled the job and removed the software.
    Author: Dean on Sunday, October 10, 2010
    How to set Mozy Bandwidth Preference
    I have a question about the Preferences in the window on Bandwidth. The User Interface is very confusing. How do I get maximum bandwidth for the Mozy backup program. I want the Mozy backup to run as fast as possible. Do I set the arrow on the left side or the right side ????? That''s all I need to know, LEFT or RIGHT for fastest back ups thank you, Proftom
    Author: Tom mcTigue on Friday, August 6, 2010
    Stops Short
    I have Mozy installed at multiple client sites. Great program. Yes the initial backup is slow then subsquent backups faster. However, on the initial bakcup or a large file added later my Mozy will freeze up at around 90-92% and sometimes never resume.
    Author: ed on Tuesday, July 13, 2010
    Works for me
    Well, so far I have 28 GIGS backed up and yes it does take a while but HEY, that is the fault of the ISP, not MOZY. I have FIOS and it worked out pretty good. Once that inital bulk of data is copied over, the service it quite fast actually since it copies stuff over as you do instead of GIGS and GIGS worth of work. Get a faster ISP and stop complaining.
    Author: INIT 6 on Thursday, January 3, 2008
    Even allowing for slower upload speeds, Mozy has issues
    I have been using Mozy unlimited for two and a half months now. Mozy took about six weeks to upload the 45GB I consider important data. I had a pretty reliable 512Kbps upload bandwidth. Like some other users have reported Mozy kept throwing errors and would just stop the backup. It took some pretty intensive babysitting on my part to get all that data uploaded in six weeks. After uploading all that data, I was shocked to see that Mozy wanted to upload 25GB again! It is possible that was because they "lost" my data on their servers however it just makes Mozy seem highly unreliable and difficult to use if you have 20GB or more of data. I called my cable company and uploaded my connection to a 1MBps upload to speed up the backups. Now I am gritting my teeth and babysitting the Mozy software through the upload process.
    Author: XTiguy on Saturday, December 22, 2007
    You're joking right?
    Couple of things about your comments. Hello, you can't compare an online backup to a local backup in terms of speed. This is so off base that it's not even funny. First, your broadband connection (assuming you have DSL or Cable) is NOT symetrical. This means you have a bigger download pipe than upload (sending) pipe. The reasoning is that people download a lot more than they upload. So depending on your ISP, your broadband upload speeds might be anywhere from 128Kbps maybe up to 1Mb. So just for the sake of simplicity, if you have a 1Mbps upload service with a 3Mbps download service, it stands to reason that your Mozy restore would be at least 3 times faster than the backup. But it's more complicated that just that. Your backup software (Mozy in this case) also encrypts your files before it sends them for security reasons. This creates overhead and it takes time, further slowing the backup process. When you restore your files, they do not need to go through another encryption process before you download them; thus the restores will be much faster. You mention local backups. Well if you're backing up to a second hard drive, a modern drive has transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps. Three hundred! Compared to your, at best 1Mbps Internet connection. Not to mention a local backup does not need to be encrypted. Maybe you didn't read the info before you bought Mozy. Because ANY of these online backup services will only be as fast as your Internet connection. And, all of the backup services will take a long, long, long, long time to do the initial backup. It's simple, it depends on how much data you have to backup, and how fast your connection is. Since subsequent backups will only send up new or changed files, follow up backups will take less time (but won't backup any faster).
    Author: Jack on Saturday, December 1, 2007
    Exact same problem
    Trying to back up 600mb. After several hours, I'm at 10%. This service is whack. Who the hell can recommend this?
    Author: Tom on Wednesday, February 28, 2007
    Wat Too Slow...Problematic
    After reading a recent review and recommendation on Mozy, I decided to go with Mozy for my backup needs. Since I needed 10GB of backup I went with the $29.95 plan for a year. After downloading the software and setting it up I started the backup. I was a little taken back when the software reported it would take 90 hours to do the backup but decided to let the backup run its course. Six days later the backup was still incomplete and was plaqued with several error messages. That's right, six days to back up 10 GB. And this with a 3 MB broadband connection. I finally decided this service wasn't for me. Six days to do a backup that would take just minutes locally is outrageous. Additionally, this means it would take days to do a restore as well. I contacted Mozy and expressed my disatisfaction with the service and requested a refund. I was pointedly told "No Way". They have a no refund no matter what policy. They contend I should have tried the free service first before advancing to the pay service. There's some advice I wished I'd taken. Bottom line, this service is way too slow and is unreliable. To top things off, their customer service is unfriendly to say the least. I recommend a local lan or external hardrive for backups. I do not recommend Mozy except for the free service and only for small backups.
    Author: GB on Wednesday, June 21, 2006
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